Our materials are eco friendly, our designs are baby friendly, and our quality is mommy and daddy friendly!

Designed and handmade in Miami, Florida, USA, Lolina is an eco-friendly baby bedding brand that focuses on unique and playful designs for the modern family. Our mission is to provide both style and substance with nursery essentials that have a designer look with a handmade feel.


The Process 

As parents we prepare our children for the world, but what are we doing to prepare the world for our children? 

We go through a slow and methodical process, not only with our design process, but also with our production process. This starts with our fabrics. Lolina works closely with fabric mills that have sustainable practices and are 100% Organic certified. They use organic cotton that is grown without toxic chemicals like pesticides or insecticides. Organic cotton consumes less water and energy than conventional cotton and damages the soil far less. All this not only results in a higher quality product, but also a higher quality of life for farmers and their families.

After the cotton is cultivated it is woven to produce our incredibly soft, 300 thread count, Cotton Sateen. Our signature Lolina patterns are then digitally printed on the fabrics that later become our Lolina Nursery collections. By printing our fabrics digitally we again avoid over consuming water or producing harmful dye run off.


Carolina, the mind behind Lolina

As the founder and creative director of Lolina, Carolina designs every collection. She designs through a multidisciplinary process, experimenting with different techniques from different mediums. Inspiration for her designs come from nature, art, architecture, and textiles from around the world

Carolina received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking and then moved to Florence, Italy to study Textile Design. Prior to Lolina she worked in knitwear and surface design for women's apparel, swimwear and home textiles.

“I always wanted to design products for babies and toddlers with fun and colorful patterns that parents can enjoy too. The textile industry is one of the largest water polluters on the planet and uses thousands of chemicals in the manufacturing process. This is why I wanted to design baby products that are colorful and modern but also safe for babies and the environment.”